Sewing Quotes and Their Meanings for Beginners

If you have just started sewing, you can be assured that you will come across various quotes that are related to sewing. However, it may not be easy for you to decipher the meaning of all the quotes. Given below are certain quotes along with the inner meaning that they have.

1.    My Soul Is Fed with Needle and Thread

This quote means that a sewing enthusiast understands nothing but sewing throughout the day. She has only one passion, and she derives happiness from her needle and thread.This quote means that a sewing enthusiast understands nothing but sewing throughout the day. She has only one passion, and she derives happiness from her needle and thread.

2.    When Life Gives You Scrap, Make a Quilt

The word ‘scrap’ has been used here as an irony. Here, it means a piece of cloth, which you can use to make a quilt. For a person who loves sewing, making a quilt will take all the lemons that life throws in his/her way.

3.    Stitch Away Your Stress

If you are stressed and irritated about something, you should stitch and get rid of this stress instead of overthinking, because there is no doubt to the fact that stitching is the best thing that you can do at the moment.

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4.    Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time

You can sew your fabric instead of concentrating on sewing time. Also, you should keep in mind that time does not wait for you, and hence you should focus on sewing, instead of trying to stop the time.

5.    I’m a Fabricaholic on the Road to Recovery. Just Kidding. I’m on the Road to the Fabric Store

This quote is unique as it depicts that a person who loves working with fabric is deciding to give it up. But later on, concludes that the person is only cracking a joke –this individual is actually on his/her way to get more fabric.

6.    I’m Working on My Ph.D. (Projects Half Done) in Sewing

Ph.D. originally stands for “Doctor of Philosophy,” which is awarded after completinga doctorate. The quote is funny, and it states that a person is completing all the sewing projects that are still incomplete. That is why he/she refers Ph.D. to projects half done.

7.    You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Fabric, and That Is Pretty Close

It is true that buying happiness is impossible. However, a person who is interested in sewing can purchase happiness from the store by purchasing fabric. The fabric is the only thing that can give happiness to the sewing enthusiasts, and thatis exactly what this unique quote means.

8.    A Clean House Is a Sign of a Broken Sewing Machine

Houses that are clean do not have any piece of fabric lying here and there, as all of them have been put to use by making something or the other with the help of the sewing machines. The sewing machines have been used to such an extent that they do not function anymore.

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9.    I Just Don’t Want to Look Back and Think That I Should Have Bought That Fabric

A person who loves purchasing fabric will never truly be satisfied with one. This is why, despite purchasing the best possible fabric available in the shop, he/she will be sad about not being able to buy the other pieces of fabric that he/she liked. The quote states that the person does not want to look back and regret the fact.

10.    I Sew Because Punching People is Frowned Upon

The quote states that sewing is one of the best ways to keep your anger under control. You might meet a lot of people in your life whom you would absolutely love to punch. Instead of doing that and spending your energy on hitting someone, stitch an embroidered shirt, and get rid of all your anger.

11.    Of Course I Am Working. It Is a Power Tool with Thread

Sewing is known to provide strength and power to the sewing enthusiasts. The quote means that a person is working on his/her sewing machine and,thesewing machine is his/her power tool, whichallows the personto work efficiently.

12.    Asking a Seamstress to Mend Is Like Asking Michelangelo to Paint Your Garage

If you ask a seamstress to mend a mistake that she has made, it is almost like asking Michelangelo to paint the garage. A sewistcan work with his/her full efficiency until you ask that personto repair something that is perfect in his/her eyes.

13.    No, My Sewing Room Is Not Messy. I Just Have Everything Out on Display. Like a Museum

Sewing rooms are comparatively messier because of all the sewing materials that are spread here and there. However, the quote says that the sewing room can never be messy. Rather, it is exactly like a museum, which has everything on display.

Wrapping up:

These quotes are not only funny but extremely ironic. Any person who loves sewing will understand these quotes only by looking at them.

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