Janome Memory Craft 200E Review

One of the most versatile stitching techniques in the sewing world is known as embroidery. Embroidery can be easy or hard for every person but most of its quality depends on the machine you are using to create it. For professional hand sewers, this may not be a problem. But it can prove to be an obstacle for those of us who have to rely solely on machines. For most beginners attempting embroidery, it’s not surprising that you’d look for a machine with good features but in a budget. And that is another problem as most machines for embroidery are really expensive. Even with Janome, they are known for producing high-end machines with a heavy price tag. But this time, Janome introduced the 200E Embroidery Machine Bundle at a very affordable price, perfect for starters. Don’t let the low price fool you though, as it comes with a range of versatile features. Here is the Janome Memory Craft 200E Review. Let’s start off with the most evident feature of this product.

Janome memory craft 200E reviews

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Features of Janome Memory Craft 200E:

Though this unit makes it to our Best Embroidery Machine guide, here is a detailed review. Let’s have a look.

Visually Pleasing

The 200E comes with a backlit LCD touchscreen that performs smoothly without any hitch at all. You will be able to direct and choose options easily by gliding your fingers over the screen. Even within a mid-range budget, this embroidery machine looks classy with its sturdy white interface and minimalistic control systems, adjustable as per your desire.

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Basic Attributes

  • Compatibility

You will be pleased to know that the Janome 200E is compatible with any Janome software, making it less stressful for you as you will not have to look for specific soft wares. For easy transfer, this machine has a USB portal system for efficient transfer of files between your computer and embroidery machine. Alongside that, you will be getting 73 pre-installed embroidery designs as well as 3 monogramming fonts in JEF format. For a more efficient purpose that will be helpful for a wide range of nationalities, you can find 11 different language options for screen messages.

  • Appropriate Space

The maximum embroidery size provided is 5” x 5”, with an optional hook of about 2” x 2” and a larger provided hoop of 5” x 5” as well.  Design rotation is well thought here with a rotation of around 45 degrees and a horizontal full rotation hook. The multiple resizing functions will you allow you to customize its embroidery sizes from 90- 120% making it easier for you to change sizes as per requirements any time. In addition, because of being lightweight of about 26.4 pounds only, the 200E can easily be carried around to wherever you travel to without any difficulties.

  • Further Functions

Janome did not fail to impress us this time by providing tracing functions and a mirror image capability for a seamless embroidery experience. While the mirror image will help with proper visuals over the stitching, the tracing will transfer the data of the designs from the LCD screen out onto your desired fabric. The bed mounting support as an embroidery carriage increases portability and turns your working experience into a relaxing one letting you work from almost anywhere in your home. The extra high presser foot lift makes sure you can easily move your fabric around when required, without ruining the stitches completed or by making unwanted holes through them.

  • Bonus Utilities Provided

The bundle comes with pre-installed embroidery designs that include both basic and decorative stitches. For that purpose, you will be provided with blue butterfly bobbins as well as blue tip and red tip needles, two packs of each. To start sewing almost immediately after receiving your product, simply just snap in the hoop and press the directed key. You will be sewing away masterpieces in little to no time wasted!

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Janome memory craft 200E machine

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  • Very cost efficient and light on the budget.
  • Range of compatibility choices with a number of resizing options as per requirements of users.
  • Pre-installed designs consist of both basic and decorative designs that allow users to experiment with a lot of alternatives.
  • Being a computerized embroidery machine, this allows beginners to keep experimenting as much as they like until they get up to speed.
  • Adjustable extra high presser foot lift allows you to easily manage your fabrics in between your working session.
  • Selection of language options for screen messages is provided so that the machine can be easily used by wide range of nationalities.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year on the parts with 5 years warranty on the electronics and about 25 years for the casing of the embroidery machine itself.


  • Some users have reported saying that their product came broken or chipped.
  • Tends to break down sometimes in the middle of sewing.
  • Initial sewing can be noisy.
  • LCD message displays are small so reading the programs can be an obstacle here.

FAQ’s of Janome Memory Craft 200E

Can this embroidery machine be used on different fabrics, such as ball caps?

No, you will not be able to use it for materials such as ball caps.

Can this machine sew denim?

If you are talking about sewing two pieces of denim together then the answer is no as this is an embroidery machine solely, and doesn’t include any traditional sewing mechanism. But if you want embroidery on denim, it can do that with just one layer.

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Can this machine perform other types of stitches such as regular stitches or zigzag stitches?

As this is solely an embroidery machine and not a sewing machine, it can only perform the pre-installed stitches and create the pre-installed designs. So no, it cannot perform stitches that are meant for sewing machines.

What format do the files need to be for the machine to operate?

All the files are required to be in JEF format. But the plus side with this format is that it can be converted into other formats using appropriate software so the same digitalized designs can be embroidered on other machines too.


How was the Janome Memory Craft 200E Review? All in all, this budget-friendly embroidery machine is suitable for beginners without much knowledge of embroidery. As it comes with all the necessary information, it’s unlikely that amateurs will end up confused about the functions. Even though the 200E does have some drawbacks to it, it still performs greatly in comparison to its low price.

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