Brother PQ1500SL Reviews | Quilting and Sewing Machine

Have you ever wanted to make a beautiful quilt for a loved one or start a little business with your own made items? Or are you tired of your old, slow sewing machine and you need something that will help you save more time and give you a great quilt sewing experiment? In both cases, the Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine is perfect for you. Get to the Brother PQ1500SL Reviews to find out how:

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews

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Features of Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine:

  • Visuals

This machine goes perfectly with any interior decoration due to its subtle yet smart look. Due to its stable attribute, it will stay put on any countertop and won’t wobble with the slightest touch. Besides, wouldn’t you love showing off your latest treasure to your friends and loved ones? This machine deserves all the compliments rightfully.

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  • Ease of Use

You don’t need to worry about messing up the stitches on the quilt as this machine comes with an extension table, specifically made for quilters. This machine is also equipped with a color-coded presser foot pressure adjustment dial which can be attuned to the feed dog height for greater comfort and finer stitch quality, even when sewing unique materials such as velvet.

  • Presser Optimizer

Various fabrics require different pressure and if the right amount is not applied, the stitches can come out wrong and you can end up damaging the fabric. Having an option to adjust the presser foot allows you to sew more comfortably and place the stitches accurately. The appliance also assists you to thread the needle so that you don’t have to put pressure on your eyes and get the work done in a very short period, and you can also work in low lit areas knowing that you won’t have to manually thread the needle.

  • Genius Bobbin Thread

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine

The quick bobbin thread comes with a built-in thread cutter and enables you to change bobbins without wasting too much of your time, while the Thread Tension Control consists of a fitting thread tension dial which controls the tension of the thread very precisely.

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The needle can be pre-programmed to stop at your desired position, for easy handling of the fabric and once you are done sewing a particular area, the Automatic Thread Cutter cuts off the thread both at the bottom and at the top very efficiently and resets the thread for the next procedure; all at the touch of a button!

Moreover, this amazing machine can straight stitch up to 1500 stitches per minute, with each stitch length being up to 7mm; the perfect length for a stitch. Efficient, isn’t it?

Having such amazing speed enables you to complete your projects faster and take on more projects, thus increasing productivity. For those who wish to sew on a professional level can make great use of this high speed machine and increase their income by completing multiple projects in a very short time.

The Precision Pin Feeding System makes it very effortless to sew a huge range of fabric thicknesses and the removable knee-lifter allows you to lift your presser foot with your knee so that your hands can work its magic on the cloth without any obstacles.

  • Lighting

You will be happy to know that there is a built-in LED light to provide comfort to the eyes while working on dark clothes. The extra lighting also increases the safety measures taken during sewing so you can avoid accidents and also prevent the loss of little accessories. Plus, there is also an included telescopic thread stand; just in case if you want to use a cone thread. Do you have difficulties in dealing with materials that are hard to keep together in order to sew them? Brother has the answer to that as well! They have designed the PQ1500SL with a fabric separator to help you work on these types of textiles more easily. Save yourself the hassle and frustration that come while working with difficult fabrics.


As you know this machine has also been designed to work on quilts so it comes fully equipped with all necessary features and the right kind of construction to help you create unique quilts with ease and precision. The above-mentioned features and functions are suitable and applicable for quilting as well, but, an extra feature has been added especially for all quilters- which is the extension table. This table enables you to work on larger projects and keeps your fabrics in the right position so you can work more comfortably.

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  1. Sews up to 1500 stitches per minute at high speed.
  2. Equipped with 4 feed dogs for maximum fabric control.
  3. Comes with LED lighting, making sewing more relaxed.
  4. Has a fabric extension table with a workspace of 5.7” in height x 8.6” in width.
  5. A removable knee-lifter is included.
  6. Can sew a large variety of thicknesses due to the inclusion of the precision pin feeding system.
  7. Machine threads the needle.
  8. Has a 9 inches throat space and comes with a 25 years limited warranty with cost-free technical phone support for the duration of the product. (Please check this out with the store before purchase)


  1. Engine does not have a medium speed.
  2. Thread tension is problematic.
  3. Slightly unreasonable priced.

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  1. Does it come with any feet?

Yes, it also includes a walking foot along with other kinds of feet.

  1. How can I prevent the clipper from jerking my thread out?

It can be prevented by threading one of the three holes in the thread guide at the top of the machine where it is directly above the tension dial.

  1. Can this machine be used to sew normal dresses and shirt instead of quilts? 

Yes, but don’t sew frills as this machine only sews straight stitches, not any other patterns.

  1. Does this machine have an oblong hole for the plate in the needle where the thread goes? 

No, it only has a small, round hole as it is used for straight stitching.


From Brother PQ1500SL Reviews we come to know this is a great sewing machine albeit some of its downsides. The above average price is worth it as it comes with almost all the necessary parts and features a quilter or seamstress looks for in a sewing machine.

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